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Packing Tips

Whether you’re packing for your first trip with a newborn or you’re a seasoned packer with your purse permanently stuffed to the brim with Wet Ones, Tylenol, and crayons, we all know that sudden feeling of dread that comes along with the creeping sensation … ”I forgot something”.

Not having the right gear or not knowing what to pack can cause unnecessary stress when it comes to family travel. This is why we’ve put together a list of our top packing tips and lists for every age and a variety of travel destinations and climates.

So zip up your suitcase and check stress off your list with this handpicked selection of the very best packing tips out there from us to you.

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Babies and Toddlers:

Do you bring the stroller? Will it cost money to check it? How many of their toys should you actually bring? What should you absolutely NOT bring? Answer all these questions and more with The Beginner’s Guide to Travel with a Baby.


Flying with a baby? Not sure how to fit all the essentials into a tiny airplane seat? Put this worry to rest with a comprehensive check list of what to carry on and what you should leave in your checked luggage, Flying With A Baby: A Packing Guide.



If you’re in search of a great packing list for all types of travel and a wide range of ages, look no further. These printable packing lists range from on the road to in the air, from baby to adult and even offer early-reader friendly and non-reader list options so your kids can start packing themselves.

If your next family adventure takes you out on the road instead of by plane, check out this list, Packing for a Long Road Trip With Kids, a guided how-to of compact packing and the dos and don’ts of extended road travel.


Little Luggage:

Get a Handle on Kid and Luggage, with our tested review of this sturdy and kid-friendly duffle from Eagle Creek. Small enough for your kids to tote around, but big enough to fit the essentials without having to cram some into your bag.

Trying to predict which bag your little ones will be able to haul through the airport and onto the plan can be tricky. Take the guesswork out with this comparison of kids’ carry-on luggage with sizes appropriate for toddlers and school-aged kids alike.



Ever had to sit on a bulging suitcase just to get it zipped up? Abandon that approach with this step by step guide to packing, and then repack like a pro for your next family vacation.

From travel cubes to first aid kits, this compilation of The Best Packing Tips for Families lives up to its name with simple hacks for seamless travel.




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