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OTG|247 – Our Favorite Bags to Organize Your Life and Travels

Disclaimer: We were provided products in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. In fact, our founder, Andrea Khan, discovered these earlier in the year and has been using them daily as well as when she travels. It makes switching handbags frequently a breeze.

As a traveling and working mom of 3 girls, I like to pretend I’m super organized. But the reality is that I’m kind of a “wannabe” super organized person. I like to joke with my friends and family that I’m an “idea person,” while I need someone else to take my ideas and run! The same goes for organizing! I’m always looking for tips and tricks to at least feign this coveted skill. While I AM a list maker — getting (and keeping) all my personal, travel and work stuff organized is a daily struggle — but one that I’m constantly working at!

We recently took a road trip from our hometown of Nashville to visit family in Pittsburgh and I brought along my OTG |247 bags. Miraculously, I was able to stay organized AND keep my girls organized thanks to this simple bag system.

OTG|247 bags are versatile, nice looking and take much of the stress from figuring out how to stay organized. Each bag is labeled with a number, which helps determine its best use based on its size and features. All 10 bags can fit inside a larger carry-on, diaper bag or purse to keep everything in its place.  I took 4 bags on our recent road trip to Pittsburgh with kids — #1, #2, #5 and #8. Here’s how I used them:

#1 Wallet and phone

The #1 bag is my favorite primarily because it has a detachable cross-body strap and wristlet strap. I keep my wallet and phone in this bag and store it in a larger bag for trips. Then, I can simply grab it out of the larger bag when running into the gas station or coffee shop to get more caffeine for the drive! Once we were in Pittsburgh, I was able to take the #1 bag with me into the city, to a couple Pittsburgh events and even let my tween daughter borrow it for some of our adventures.

#1 is also great for: Sunglasses, passport or keys.

#2 First aid supplies

The #2 bag is the perfect size to keep our first aid supplies handy and easily accessible. My middle daughter tends to get car sick, so we had her medication in this bag along with ibuprofen, band-aids, and chapstick.

#2 is also great for: Make-up or essential oils.


#5 Travel games and writing supplies

The #5 bag has a clear front, which makes it easy to see what’s inside. It was perfect for pulling out playing cards, magnetic checkers and Spot It! while on the road.

#5 is also great for: Pacifiers, teething rings, baby essentials.


#8 Personal electronics

We kept my girls kindles, earbuds and cords in the #8 bag. It made for easy access to electronics when they needed some quiet time.

#8 is also great for: A change of clothes, shoes, a scarf or diapers, and wipes.

Other things I love about my OTG|247 Bags

  •      They have several stylish designs and colors – for kids, moms and dads
  •      They are waterproof and easy to wipe out/clean
  •      They are durable – they have high-quality zippers, straps, and material
  •      They are versatile – I especially love the removable straps

Find a printable checklist for your OTG|247 bags when traveling with kids here and read about using OTG|247 bags on a family ski trip too!


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