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Why Visiting a Lavender Field with your Family is a Bucket List Must

Picture yourself surrounded by lavender as far as the eye can see.

Visiting a lavender field is a sight to see. Giving your children the opportunity to experience and see something so stunning in nature will expand their worldview. You can relax as a family while enjoying a picnic lunch, games, animals, and the beautiful sights and smells of being in a lavender field together. Memories that won’t be soon forgotten.

Lavender typically blooms in July, thus, between April-May is the perfect time to begin planning your summer family travel to visit a lavender field.

Why would you want to visit a lavender field as a family?

  1. To experience the natural beauty around you and give your children the opportunity to interact with nature. Frequently, the farms also have animals your kids can enjoy.
  2. Lavender fields are relaxing through the sights and smells – trust us, even with kids you will find your zen.
  3. You can take a picnic lunch, play games on-site, and even pick lavender to take with you. It’s a great way to spend a day with your family – without spending a lot of money.

To help you begin researching, we’ve compiled the four areas (3 in the U.S. and one in France where they are famous for their lavender) that are both ideal family travel destinations AND have gorgeous lavender fields your family can visit.


Washington Island/Door County, Wisconsin

The lavender fields in Washington Island and Door County, Wisconsin are spectacular. Fragrant Isle Lavender is a lavender farm where you can experience the fields themselves and also view how they harvest, process, and distill the lavender. They also offer unique lavender treats in their restaurant.

While visiting Door County, there are so many beautiful sites to see and experiences for both adults and kids alike. Read more about our favorite things to do in the summer in Door County.


New York State

Located only 80 miles outside of Manhattan lies Lavender by the Bay. This post by Little Kid Big City shares all the details about visiting Lavender by the Bay with kids – a perfectly relaxing experience after exploring the hustle and bustle of all that NYC has to offer.

At The Family Backpack, we have curated this list of posts of things to do in New York City with your kids.


Photo by: Little Kid Big City, Lavender by the Bay


Provence, France

What a dream to visit the lavender fields in France where some of the worlds most well-known lavender fields grow.

This comprehensive guide to the lavender fields of Provence in France will take your breath away. You can almost smell the aromatic fields!

In addition to the lavender fields, the options for kid-friendly activities in France are endless. This list from Pint Size Pilot outlines five things you can do in Provence with kids. Planning a trip to France with kids? We’ve got you covered with this list of curated posts from France.


Washington State

Consider a visit to Purple Haze Lavender in Washington State where you and your kids can even experience lavender ice cream and lavender lemonade!

There are so many great ways to experience Washington State with kids. This post from 2 Travel Dads shares some of the prettiest spots to see in the area.

Consider adding a lavender field visit to your travels for this summer or a future year!


Need tips to begin planning your family vacation? Check out The Family Backpack planning resources.


Photo by: Door County Mom, Fragrant Isle Lavender, Door County, WI


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