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The Best Kids’ Travel Suitcase

Updated the original post (from Feb. 2017): This great durable, kid-friendly travel suitcase has now made it 2+ years and counting. The two suitcases have made numerous trips overseas and aside from showing some dirt are the best piece of luggage for our kiddos.

I learned a great travel lesson after one two-week vacation: my two oldest simply need their own suitcases. My efforts of trying to limit the number of pieces of luggage we take are not worth the chaos and disorganization that occurs as the boys try to find clothes for the day in a combined suitcase. At 5 and 8, I figure they are old enough to be responsible for lugging, I mean, pulling their own suitcases through the airport. Right? (Just agree with me for now.)

With this in mind, I partook in one of my favorite hobbies: scouring the Internet around 10 p.m. This time, in search of kid-friendly, durable luggage. I wanted something that was going to last more than two years and survive airline trips overseas.

I decided on the Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Rolling duffle bag. Almost serendipitously, they came in exactly two different colors, ensuring there would be no confusion whose suitcase was whose. Plus, the boys were thrilled to each have their own unique piece of luggage.

For the maiden voyage with these suitcases, we flew roundtrip from the Midwest to California. Once in Cali, we embarked on an 11-day adventure from San Diego to San Francisco. These bags were awesome on the road trip because they were easy to store and, most importantly, durable thanks to the abrasion-resistant and water-repellent fabric. In other words, these bags were as up for adventure as we were.

Children’s Cabin Luggage with Wheels.

The Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Rolling duffle meets the airline regulations for carry-on but always double check as these things change.

This duffle bag consists of the main compartment and then a small zipper compartment outside on the top that matchbox cars and action figures fit easily into. Underwear and socks fit into the inside mesh storage pockets which keep everything well organized.

Overall, I was able to fit seven days worth of clothes (we were on the road for 11, but we did laundry along the way), along with swim trunks, a hoodie, flip-flops and a couple of books in each suitcase with room to spare. 

The best part is the boys had no problem pulling them through the airport and buckling and unbuckling them as they are so light.

Wheels up!








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